Combining years in reputable management expertise with an undivided focus, Warpath Group is centered around the success of talented clients.  Warpath has quickly excelled and provided an acclaimed presence in the world of dance music. Driven by their passion for unparalleled representation and outstanding management, R. A. Loper and Nate Schoenfeldt founded the company in 2011 and eagerly started working with up and coming artists. Loper stresses the importance of implementing a positive force behind each artist.  “My personal relationship with my clients is what drives me to guide them on every level. We are constantly working on their behalf to ensure positive growth.”

Soon after launch, Loper and Schoenfeldt would witness their clients topping the charts on Beatport & iTunes, major festival plays, constant touring and Warpath Group’s level of talented artists and accomplishments continue to flourish through intimate, attention and constant communication.

“We are a very hands-on group expediting our clients’ individual growth,” says Schoenfeldt, who has been actively involved in music management since high school.  “We work for the prosperity and success of our talent.  We want them to achieve their goals and beyond.”

In addition to being a top-tier management company, Warpath Group is also a reputable booking agency and highly praised record label. This multi-platform company is constantly refining it’s management prowess and providing ground breaking advances in the electronica culture. From the vision of two ambitious owners, to an acclaimed company leading the electronic music industry, Loper and Schoenfeldt’s Warpath Group continues to excel through efficiency, a keen eye for their talent’s success, and steadfast development of artists and producers.