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Wednesday, Oct 31 2018

Liquid Stranger & Shlump’s collab ‘Creature’ premiered today on UKF here!

WTF (Slimez Remix)

Monday, Oct 29 2018

Slimez remix of Herobust’s WTF out now on SoundCloud here!

Kompany AU + NZ Tour

Wednesday, Oct 24 2018

We’re pleased to announce Kompany’s debut Australia & New Zealand tour this November!


Tuesday, Oct 23 2018

TYNAN’s brand new tune ‘Origin’ out now on BiteThis here!


Monday, Oct 22 2018

Protohype & The Acturians new single ‘PRISM’ out now on SoundCloud!


Friday, Oct 19 2018

G-REX’s Rift EP out now on Wakaan, available everywhere here!


Monday, Oct 15 2018

Hydraulix & Eliminate’s brand new tune ‘Bump‘ out now on Never Say Die Records!


Friday, Oct 12 2018

um..’s new single ‘scrazy’ out now on SoundClound for free download!


Friday, Oct 5 2018

Chime’s new track ‘Coins’ on Circus Records double premiered on UKF & Dancing Astronaut, check it out here.

Space Invaders

Tuesday, Oct 2 2018

Carbin’s new track ‘Space Invaders’ out now on Black Label here.


Monday, Oct 1 2018

TYNAN & thook’s collab track out now on Quality Goods Records here.

Party Starter

Sunday, Sep 30 2018

Flux Pavilion & Eliminate’s collab track ‘Party Starter‘ out now on Circus Records!

Wakaan Merch Drop

Friday, Sep 28 2018

Wakaan’s merch drop is LIVE, check out the Wakaan store!

Tooth & Rail (PhaseOne Remix)

Monday, Sep 17 2018

PhaseOne’s remix of Megalodon’s ‘Tooth & Rail’ out now on Never Say Die Records here.


Wednesday, Sep 12 2018

Protohype’s brand new original tune ‘NIGHTBOY’ out now on Spotify / SoundCloud here!


Monday, Sep 10 2018

Chime’s new track Whirlwind out now on Rushdown Records here!

Glow Up EP

Friday, Sep 7 2018

Artifakts ‘Glow Up’ EP out now here!

Slimez joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, Sep 5 2018

Excited to welcome Slimez to the Warpath Group booking roster, email & for inquiries.

Boss VIP

Friday, Aug 31 2018

Carbin’s VIP of Boss is out now here!

Trivecta Joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, Aug 29 2018

Trivecta has joined Warpath Group’s booking roster, email for inquiries!


Monday, Aug 27 2018

Brand new collab from TYNAN & Kompany ‘Extraterrestrial’ out now on Never Say Die here!

Lucii joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, Aug 22 2018

Excited to welcome Lucii to the Warpath Group Roster!


Monday, Aug 13 2018

Rickxysan & Hydraulix’s new collab single ‘UNDRGRND’ premiered on!


Friday, Aug 10 2018

Liquid Stranger’s new single ‘Gunslinger’ premiered on UKF, out now on Spotify & more here!

404 (TYNAN & G-REX Remix)

Friday, Aug 3 2018

TYNAN & G-Rex’s remix of 404 out now on Never Say Die, stream/download here!

Red Hot

Monday, Jul 30 2018

Rekoil & Ubur’s brand new collab track ‘Red Hot’ out now on Black Label here!


Saturday, Jul 28 2018

Um..’s new single ‘zzz’ out today on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music & more here!


Friday, Jul 27 2018

Prototype’s new tune ‘Fiyah’ out now here!

New Reign EP

Monday, Jul 23 2018

Kompany’s ‘New Reign’ EP is out now on Spotify, iTunes and more via Never Say Die Records here.

Slaughter Them All

Tuesday, Jul 10 2018

12th Planet & PhaseOne’s brand new collab tune ‘Slaughter Them All’ out now on Disciple here!


Friday, Jul 6 2018

Hydraulix’s brand new EP ‘Kingdom’ is out now on Quality Goods Records here!

Blood Moon

Wednesday, Jul 4 2018

TYNAN’s collab with Ekali & Hekler ‘Blood Moon’ out now on OWLSA here!

Feel It (Official Music Video)

Monday, Jul 2 2018
Breathe Carolina & Sunstars ‘Feel It’ official music video is out now on Spinnin Records TV here!

Cognition EP

Friday, Jun 29 2018

Luczid’s brand new Cognition EP out now on Spotify / Soundcloud via Wakaan here!


Wednesday, Jun 27 2018

LICK is now on Warpath Group’s booking roster, email & for inquiries.


Monday, Jun 25 2018

Hydraulix’s brand new single ‘Angels’ feat. Tezatalks out now here on Quality Good Records off his new EP Kingdom!

Throwin Elbows (TYNAN Flip)

Friday, Jun 22 2018

TYNAN’s flip of Excision & Space Laces ‘Throwin Elbows’ out now on SoundCloud!

Free Fall (Kompany Remix)

Wednesday, Jun 20 2018

Kompany’s remix of Illenium’s Free Fall out now on The Dub Rebellion here!

Journey Tour

Wednesday, Jun 13 2018

Catch Au5 supporting Seven Lions on select dates of the ‘Journey Tour’ this Fall, more info here.

Kompany Merch drop

Friday, Jun 8 2018

Kompany’s merch store is live, check it out here!

Next Level Style

Monday, Jun 4 2018

Artifakts & Daily Bread’s brand new collab tune ‘Next Level Style’ out now on Philos Records here!


Friday, Jun 1 2018

TYNAN’s Hybrid Sounds sample pack on Splice now here!

Um.. Electric Forest Reddit

Tuesday, May 29 2018

Um.. is doing an AMA on Electric Forrest subreddit, check it out here!


Monday, May 28 2018

Kompany’s new track ‘Fight’ out now on Black Label Vol 19 here!

Reload EP

Saturday, May 26 2018

Eliminate’s ‘Reload’ EP out now in Disciple Records here:

Nothin to Say

Friday, May 25 2018

um.. – Nothin to Say out now on DeadBeats! Check it out here:

Um.. joins Warpath Group

Thursday, May 17 2018

Welcome to the Warpath Group family Um..!


Tuesday, May 15 2018

Kai Wachi x G-REX’s collab tune ‘ICHOR’ out now on Kannibalen Records here.

High When I’m Sober (Au5 Remix)

Monday, May 14 2018

Au5’s remix of Funkagenda’s ‘High When I’m Sober’ out now here!

Double Up EP

Friday, May 11 2018

PhaseOne’s ‘Double Up’ EP out now on Disciple here!

Heavy on the Block

Thursday, May 10 2018

Rekoil’s brand new original track ‘Heavy On The Block’ out now on Crowsnest Audio for free download here!

Tripzy Leary joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, May 9 2018

Tripzy Leary has joined the Warpath Group booking agency, email + for inquiries!15

Sumthin Sumthin On Tour

Tuesday, May 8 2018

sumthin sumthin’s Spring-Summer 2018 tour dates are announced, dates + tickets + more info here.

Little Doubts (TYNAN Remix)

Monday, May 7 2018

TYNAN’s remix for Spiri’s track ‘Little Doubts’ out now –

Blade EP

Friday, May 4 2018

Stabby’s brand new ‘Blade’ EP out now on Buygore including a collab with Chime here!


Thursday, May 3 2018

Crizzly x Pasdat’s new collab track ‘RIOT’ out now on SoundCloud & Spotify!

Double Up EP

Tuesday, May 1 2018

PhaseOne’s brand new Double Up EP out May 11th on Disciple, check out the single w/ Yookie here!

Sing Me to Sleep Remixes

Monday, Apr 30 2018

The new remix pack from LUZCID’s ‘Sing Me to Sleep’ is out now here!

G-Rex Kannibalen Radio Mix

Friday, Apr 27 2018

G-REX’s guest mix for Kannibalen Radio with Lektrique is out now on KANNIBALEN RECORDS! →

GDubz Joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, Apr 25 2018

GDubz has joined the Warpath Group booking roster! Email + for booking inquiries.

Convoy Compilation

Friday, Apr 20 2018

Wakaan’s CONVOY Compilation is out now, check it out here:


Wednesday, Apr 18 2018

We’re pleased to announced G-REX has joined the Warpath Group booking roster, email & for inquiries.

Nothing Can Stop Me

Friday, Apr 13 2018

Hydraulix & Oski’s brand new track ‘Nothing Can Stop Me’ out now on Disciple here!

Chime – Double Jump

Thursday, Apr 12 2018

Chime’s brand new track ‘Double Jump’ out now on UKF Dubstep here!

Feel the Fire EP

Thursday, Apr 5 2018

Jarvis’ brand new Feel the Fire EP out now on Firepower Records here!

Corruption EP

Monday, Apr 2 2018

TYNAN’s brand new Corruption EP out today on Never Say Die here!

Convoy Compilation

Saturday, Mar 31 2018

Wakaan, Liquid Stranger and Space Jesus proudly present CONVOY COMPILATION available Friday 4/20!

2 Much (Carbin Remix)

Friday, Mar 30 2018

Carbin’s remix of Flosstradamus’ 2 Much (feat 24 hrs) out today here!

Corruption Tour

Monday, Mar 26 2018

TYNAN just announced his debut Australian & New Zealand tour this April-May!

Wakaan Weekly

Friday, Mar 23 2018

New Wakaan Weekly is live!

Feel the Fire EP + Tour

Thursday, Mar 22 2018

Jarvis just announced his debut North American Tour ‘Feel The Fire Tour’ this Spring along with his brand new EP ‘Feel the Fire’ out on Firepower this month, more info here!

13 joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, Mar 21 2018

We’re excited to announce 13 has joined the Warpath Group booking roster, email & for inquiries.

Facepunch Release + Experience Points Tour

Tuesday, Mar 20 2018

Chime just released his brand new track ‘Facepunch’ on Circus Records here and will be touring North America this Spring on the Experience Points Tour, more info here.


Monday, Mar 19 2018

PhaseOne’s collab with Dodge & Fuski ‘Mistakes’ ft the Arcturians out now on Disciple here!

sumthin sumthin Joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, Mar 14 2018

We’re excited to announce sumthin sumthin has joined the Warpath Group booking roster, email for inquiries!

The Zero Point

Friday, Mar 9 2018

Au5’s brand new track ‘The Zero Point’ featuring Holly Drummond out now here!

Jarvis Joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, Mar 7 2018

We’re pleased to announce JARVIS has joined the Warpath Group booking roster, email and for inquiries!

Liquid Stranger Merch Drop

Friday, Mar 2 2018

Liquid Stranger Merch Drop TODAY @ 4PM CST, check the store out –

Too Far Gone

Wednesday, Feb 28 2018

Inushuk’s new track ‘Too Far Gone’ is out now on NCS! Stream/Download here:

Murk Em

Friday, Feb 23 2018

jPhelpz’s brand new EP ‘Murk Em’ out now on Firepower Records, check it out here!

Hit It

Thursday, Feb 15 2018

Bare Noize & Hydraulix’s new track ‘Hit It’ out now on Circus Records here:!


Tuesday, Feb 13 2018

Barely Alive x Virtual Riot x PhaseOne x Myro just released a brand new collab track ‘Rampage’ out now on the Rampage Festival compilation here!

F*Ck It Up

Friday, Feb 9 2018

Breathe Carolina & TYNAN feat Crichy Crich released F*ck It Up today on Spinnin Records here!

Storm (Hydraulix Remix)

Wednesday, Jan 31 2018

Hydraulix’s remix of Quix’s ‘Storm’ premiered at

White Magic

Monday, Jan 29 2018

Chime & Panda Eyes brand new collab track ‘White Magic’ out now here!

Nimbus EP

Friday, Jan 26 2018

Protohype’s Nimbus EP out now on Firepower Records here!

Stay (PhaseOne Remix)

Wednesday, Jan 24 2018

PhaseOne’s remix of Delta Heavy x Dirty Audio feat Holly ‘Stay’ out now here!

Warrior Traveler

Friday, Jan 19 2018

Stabby’s new original track ‘Warrior Traveler’ out now on SoundCloud for free download here!


Thursday, Jan 18 2018

ATLiens & TYNAN’s brand new tune ‘Malfuction’ premiered on!

Kompany Joins Warpath Group

Wednesday, Jan 17 2018

We’re excited to announce Kompany has joined the Warpath Group mgmt roster, email & for inquiries.


Monday, Jan 1 2018

Breathe Carolina & Sunstars new track ‘DYSYLM’ out Jan 5th on Music Freedom Records!

Bad Habit

Saturday, Dec 23 2017

Carbin’s brand new tune ‘Bad Habit’ out now on Kannibalen Records here!


Monday, Dec 18 2017

Freddy Todd x DMVU’s new collab track ‘Dabbah’ out now for free download here!

Au5 – Freefall Sample Pack

Friday, Dec 15 2017

Au5’s Freefall Sample Pack is out now on Gravitas Create here!


Tuesday, Dec 12 2017

Stabby & Trinergy’s brand new tune ‘Jabberwock’ out now on Never Say Die Vol 5 here!

Trip EP

Monday, Dec 11 2017

Qrion’s brand new ‘Trip’ EP premiered today on NEST HQ here!

Moving On

Monday, Dec 4 2017

Inukshuk’s brand new track ‘Moving On’ feat RAABERS is out now Spotify & iTunes here!

What Is Love (Bassly & Ohmy Flip)

Friday, Dec 1 2017

ohmy & Bassly’s flip of ‘What Is Love’ out now for free download here!

Liquid Lightning

Tuesday, Nov 28 2017

‘Liquid Lightning’out now from LUZCID via Circus Records here!

Audible Edibles (GRiZ Remix)

Thursday, Nov 23 2017

GRiZ’s remix of Freddy Todd’s Audible Edibles out now on Wakaan here!