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An-ten-nae is an instrumental figure on the west coast,from his role as music director, producing legendaryevents at the iconic1015 Folsomin San Francisco, to hissignatureAcid CrunkCompilations which helped definean era and help lay the foundation to what is now the Westcoast Bass scene. One thing is always constant, and thatis constant evolution. With numerous successful projectslikeDimond Saints,The Invisible People, DnA, An-ten-naealways manages to reinvent himself and push hisboundaries. Utilizing his own custom set up, An-ten-nae pushes the envelope with his live remixing abilities andwildly engaging performances.

An-ten-nae has well over 200 releases under his belt andcollaborations far and wide including artists likeBassnectar,Beats Antique,Dirtwire,Desert Dwellers.He has charted in the iTunes Top 10, constantly in topcharts on Beatport and featured in theHuffington Post,This Song Is SickandBillboard. With over60 Millioncombined streams / Downloads to date, and has playedsuch venues and festivals such asRed Rocks,ElectricForest,Shambhala,Lightning in a Bottle. 2019promises to be his most prolific one yet with the launch ofWHYT RBBT and a constant stream of new music thatsees him pushing boundaries into new realms withexciting new collaborations and productions

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